The Armor of Witch is a potent magical item made for Naamah Blair Samael by powerful enchantresses whom she intructed in the traditions of witches when they were younger.

The woven leaves on the armor have a potent enchantment woven into them


The armor is all black, save for the leaves in the center, which are a combination of reds, oranges and greens. The armor appears to be scanty, but this is actually an illusion. Raven feathers decorate the shoulder pads and chains hang from the miniskirt.


  • DR 5 / fire
  • Silent Moves
  • Lightning Warding
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Limited Glammer (only has one glammered form and the form is permanent)


  • Summon Swarm (Ravens) 3/day
  • Endure Elements, at will
  • Tree Stride at will. Must already be in leaf form (see below)
  • Overland Flight on Command (wearer grows black raven-like wings)
  • Whirlwind 1/day for 4 rounds. Must already be in leaf form (see below)
  • Leaf Form: On command, the leaves in the center of the armor turn brown and scatter in a magical breeze, and soon the rest of the armor and even the caster turns into brown leaves. The wearer can move and interact with the enviorment as if under the effect of the gaseous form spell. If the wearer posesses the Staff of Witch and it has 175 charges, the wearer can still cast spells and manifest powers in this form.
  • Wearer can become incorporeal on command