The Assassin's Brassiere was designed for Sabrina by Sam. This simple black brassiere is worn under armor. It gives any woman who wears it the following abilities. Any male who attempts to utilize its powers gains one negative level and recieves a -5 enchantment bonus to his Charisma modifier.

  • The wearer of this garmet can alter their form to look like any other humanoid roughly the same size, as the alter self spell.
  • The wearer of this garmet can also alter the appearance of their equipment, as the disguise self spell.
  • The wearer of this garmet gains a +10 bonus to tumble, balance, escape artist, and hide checks.
  • The wearer gains DR 3/silver.
  • The wearer gains a +6 enchantment bonus to their dexterity score.
  • The wearer gains SR 15.

Strong Transmutation; CL 19th; Craft Wondrous Item, alter self, disguise self, transformation, stoneskin, cat's hrace, antimagic field; 135,000 gp