These simple leather boots appear to be mundane but anyone who examines the heel they see a small compartment filled with some strange liquid metal. They are also unusually heavy when held, but seemingly light when worn. When they are put on, the weilder immediately realizes that they have some unusual power to them.


To Sam, magic as normal wizards and sorcerers used it was boring, predictable, filled with rules and expectations. When she cast a spell, however, the Weave worked with with her - creating potent if unpredictable effects. The true nature of power, she decided, was in the uncertainty and unpredictability of wild magic. But, up until that point in time, every single magical item she had ever created had been done with the boring predictability of normal magic. So she decided to try something unconventional. She set about creating a set of magical items - a ring, a cape, and some boots. Unlike normal items, however, she didn't set out with a specific enchantment or ability in mind. She let her emotion and personality guide the enchanting process, let the magic fill in the blanks. Days faded into weeks as she continued pouring raw wild magic into the items, sometimes adjusting an ability if it became too dangerous or powerful. Finally, after three months of labor, the Wild Set had been completed. Sam considers them her finest magical creations (excluding, perhaps, her beloved artigolems) so much so that she would likely rather part with a hand than one of them. They are so riddled with her emotion and personality that they are almost a part of her in some sense.


  • While wearing boots of wildstriding you can move 5 feet as an immediate action whenever you are allowed to make a Reflex save against a spell, spell-like ability, supernatural effect, or ranged attack. You move before making the Reflex save. If, after moving, you stand outside the attack’s area, you avoid it completely and no longer need to attempt the save. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • At will, a disc appears beneath the weilder's feet. This disc is made of some strange metal similar to adamantine in hardness, is 3 ft. in diameter and 1" in thickness. The disc can fly at 100 ft. with perfect manuverability at the direction of its weilder. Their center is gravity is focused on the stone, so even if they are sideways or upside down they will feel perfectly normal. The disc can also burrow at a rate of 50'. The weilder gains Aerial Reflexes, Diving Charge, and Flyby Attack.