Chaotic Evil characters commit evil deeds on a whim, acting upon whatever desires they feel at the time, their lust, greed and rage dictating how they act. Chaotic Evil characters have little respect for laws or codes, and do not work well with others as they seek to destroy, murder and desecrate whenever they feel like it. A rampaging barbarian that burns, pillages and rapes wherever he goes can be considered Chaotic Evil.

Demons and Drow, with their anarchic ways, are Chaotic Evil

List of Chaotic Evil DeitiesEdit

  • Anouke
  • Bahgtru
  • Baphomet
  • Beshaba
  • Blibdoolpoolp
  • Cyric
  • Diirinka
  • Garagos
  • Garyx
  • Ghaunadaur
  • Great Mother
  • Gruumsh
  • Harper Charon
  • Hruggek
  • Kiaransalee
  • Lolth
  • Loradiana
  • Malar
  • Merrshaulk
  • Moander
  • Ragarra
  • Selvetarm
  • Shargaas
  • Skiggaret
  • Talona
  • Talos
  • Tchazzar
  • Umberlee
  • Urdlen
  • Vhaeraun

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