Harper Charon
Aliases The Snake Queen
Player Damien
Home Unknown
Gender Female
Race Demi-Medusa
Age in 1372 DR 1,000
Class Geomancer 10

Cleric 10 Wizard 10 Fighter 5

Alignment Chaotic Evil
Patron deity Shar
Languages Common, Draconic, Abyssal, Infernal

Personality Edit

Harper is very used to getting her way. And she's quite skilled at it too. She has a charm about her that has most people - even total strangers - suddenly doing things for her while completely unaware of it. When she deems it necessary, Harper has a cute, flirtatious, slightly innocent personality that has most men (and even a few women) lining up to make her happy. She knows that she is charming and constantly exploits this ability in order to satisfy her goals. Because of her domains in tickery and charm, Harper is a highly manipulative person.However, when Harper isn't pretending in order to get her way, her true personality is expressed. She is quite cunning and ruthless, putting her own goals above everything else. She is devoted to Shar in an extremely fanatical way. Her underlings fear her, and rightly so. She believes having others fear her is the only way to get them to respect and obey her.She has a very high opinion of herself, will rarely admit to her wrongdoings, and is extremely vain (especially about her appearance). However, despite her vanity (or perhaps as a result of it), she is very insecure, though she usually tries to hide it. As much as she uses her looks to get what she wants with men, she also considers men to be one of her greatest weaknesses. Even beyond her vanity is her secret desire to be loved. Women, however, she treats horribly and keeps few among her followers.

History Edit

She was born into a small coven of Medusa, and quickly learned how to survive in the wilderness. As she grew up, her powers grew, and one day her sire revealed to her that she was the offspring of the dark

goddess Shar. Harper became one of her mother's most devout servants, working everything for the glorification of her mother. She became a Cleric, but also studied in the arcane arts and learned how to fight with weapons as well. Because of her unusual he ritage, she had an affinity with nature, specifically reptiles. She became a geomancer, able to blend the Divine and Arcane arts together in a truly terrifying way.She began to build an organization of her mother's followers. Harper banded together groups of her people, until she had a fairly large army of Medusa on her side. She also took other races o f clerics, wizards, and fighters dedicated to Shar under her wing. Her mother was so pleased with her service that she made Harper one of her chosen, an Exarch with the power of a demigod.