Hextor's Leather Boots are a pair of black leather boots that size to fit their posessor. Enchanted by Sam Holloway, they bear similarities to her own boots, but do not have the flying ability. When the sole of the boot is tapped twice in rapid sucession a blade pops forth from the tip.

  • 10' enchantment bonus to land speed. The wearer of the boots can defy gravity, running up wall or even upside down as long as they wear the boots.
  • While wearing the boots you can move 5 feet as an immediate action whenever you are allowed to make a Reflex save against a spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural effect. You move before making the Reflex save. If, after moving, you stand outside the attack’s area, you avoid it completely and no longer need to attempt the save. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Gain feat: Run
  • Gains a +100 luck bonus to Balance checks.
  • The heels of the boots are loaded with magical springs. The wearer can long jump up to 50 feet and high jump up to 30 feet, not including vertical reach.