Mary Sue is NOT a lesser deity under Mystra.


Mary Sue

Title(s) Mary Sue
Not a Real Deity
Power Level None
Subservient Deities {{{minions}}}
Dominion {{{dominion}}}
Alignment Chaotic Stupid
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio Idiocy
Mary Sueness
Worshipers Mary Sues
Cleric Alignments {{{cleric alignments}}}
Domains Mary Sue
Holy Day(s) {{{holy days}}}
Favored Weapon Claws
Channel Divinity Prayer {{{channel divinity}}}

Personality Edit

Mary Sue is Mary Sue.


Mary Sue is a speshul snowflake and is perttyful and stuffs.

Dogma Edit

Followers of Mary Sue are usually Mary Sues and Gary Stus.


Mary Sues refuse to follow Mary Sue because she is a Mary Sue and they want to be the most speshulist prettyfulist Mary Sue.


There are no benefits to following Mary Sue

Clergy and TemplesEdit

Mary Sue has no temples.

Relationships with other DietiesEdit

Mary Sue is hated by all other Deities.


Mary Sue's history is mysterious and every changing. She is just that much of a spehsulist prettyful bootiful snewflaek.

Character SheetEdit

Not Coming soon.


Khary is Mary Sue's Gary Stu.