The Nether Scrolls consists of three two sets of 50 scrolls each, one set older and more tarnished than the other two, and are possibly the most powerful artifacts in the Forgotten Realms. While they have no direct magical powers, they provide a seemingly-limitless supply of arcane knowledge. After the discovery of the Nether scrolls, the arcane might of Netheril increased at least a hundred-fold. The Netherese found the scrolls among the ruins of Aryvandaar, an ambitious and evil sun elven empire. These elves however, had not dared to use the power of the scrolls themselves. One of the sets was transformed into the Quess Ar Teranthva. The other is split up over the realms. The last was created recently by Mystra and Blair in fulfillment of a debt a foolish mortal had made of them. That mortal is now dead, and the new set is locked away in The Dark Plane's Cryshal-Tirith. It is sealed off and warded by magic so powerful that neither mortal nor deity can access it without destroying Crenshinibon itself.


Each time a scroll is read, the caster either gains one magic-related feat (even epic feats, if he is of epic level) or learns three new spells (or one epic spell if he meets the requirements). Studying a scroll takes a total of one month. Each set of the scrolls is divided into five chapters, each offering considerable insight into the Art. A character who reads all ten scrolls that make up a single chapter gains one of the following abilities based on what chapter it was they read.

  • Arcanus Fundare (Foundations of Magic): +30 inherent bonus on Spellcraft checks; +1 to save DCs for all arcane spells.
  • Magicus Creare (Spells of Creation): Three bonus item creation feats; XP cost of any magic item is reduced by 75%.
  • Maior Creare (Major Creations): Craft Construct as a bonus feat; any golem or other construct created has maximum hit points.
  • Planus Mechanus (Studies of the Planes): Use plane shift as the spell once per day; ignore any hostile or debilitating planar environmental effects.
  • Ars Factum (Of the Creation of Artifacts): Craft Artifact as a bonus feat. The wearer understands how to add extraordinary abilities to constructs or other magically created life forms. Adding one costs 6,000 XP and 90,000 gp in materials. If the supernatural ability emulated a spell, it costs an additional (spell level) x (caster level) x (times per day) x 10 in gp. If the spell can be used at will it costs an additional (spell level) x (caster level) x 2000.

Reading a chapter twice does not stack any effects (save the bonus feats or spells gained through reading the single scrolls), and no new levels are gained.