Nether Stones are items created by Sam. They are the only means available to access the knowledge of the Nether Scrolls stored within Cryshal-Tirith. Accessing the Nether Scrolls through them requires a full round action and takes all of their concentration. Once they have accessed the scrolls, they may study from them as easily as if they were reading from the scrolls themselves. Making any other action breaks the weilder's access. These stones are keyed to the individual they were created for. Anyone else who attempts to use them is affected with a disintigrate spell (DC 35 Will negates). If they succeed on their saving throw they are thrown randomly across the planes as a Plane Shift spell. Most of these stones also act as keys that allow their weilder to use the powers of the Serpent Enclave's mythal. They vary in color, texture, and shape, but are almost always fist sized and can affix to their weilder's forehead. They can become invisible and intangible at will when worn in this manner. They are CL 21 and count as epic magical items.