The best way to describe a Neutral Evil character is to call him a selfish individual. A Neutral Evil character is out for themselves only, and will do anything it takes to keep number 1 alive. A Neutral Evil character will show no remorse for anything they do, and the evil acts they commit are done not because they enjoy it, but usually done for personal gain, whether it's done for money or convinience. While he is now strict and sticking to codes like the Lawful Evil, he is not as prone to violent or unpredictable as those of the Chaotic Evil alignment. The best example of a Neutral Evil character is an assassin.

Neutral Evil DeitiesEdit

  • Abbathor
  • Auril
  • Beshaba
  • Hruggek
  • Ilneval
  • Luthic
  • Mask
  • Myrkul
  • Sebek
  • Shar
  • Velsharoon
  • Yurtrus

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