The Servant of the Black Mark is a very rare prestige class, able to be accessed only by servants of the Black Prince, Saetan Dagon Samael.


  • Must Bear the Black Mark.
  • Must be below level 10 when taking first level.
  • Advancing to the next level in this class requires that the Prince be present to cast the appropriate ritual.


You gain Base Attack Bonuses, Saves, and Specials in your former class each level as if you had advanced a level in that class.

Level ProgressionEdit

  • 1st: Conduit of the Prince
    At Midnight every night, the Black Prince may grant you a certain number of premanifested powers. You store these powers until you use them, and when you do use them you can activate them silently, without moving, and without requiring concentration checks.
  • 2nd: Chains of Loyalty, Addicted
    For as long as you are in the Prince's service, he may summon you to him at will or transport himself to you. Each time, this drains the Prince as if he has manifested a Teleport power.
    The Prince's very presense, his very touch, becomes extremely pleasurable to you. Your body begins to crave his presense like a drug. If you leave his service and refuse to be in his presense any longer, this effect will wear away.
  • 3rd: Mindlink
    Your mind becomes linked to the Black Prince. This does not only allow for telepathy between you and him, but also gives you access to his Sheilded Mind and Immunity to Mind-Affecting Effects abilities.
  • 4th: Bearer of Artifacts
    The Black Prince can bestow his own magical items upon you to use for a few minutes. You can also weild any magical item you would not normally be able to weild if the Black Prince is able to weild it.
  • 5th: Greater Conduit of the Prince
    Your mindlink to the Prince becomes so strong that he can momentarily posess your body as if he is a demon. You can still attempt to resist him if you wish. He can call upon his powers and spells when posessing your body, but cannot employ his physical abilities. If you are Addicted, this connection is enough to sate your addiction in lieu of physical nearness.