These rings are extremely powerful items given to high-ranking members of Shadovar nobility. A Prine or Princess is rarely seen without one. It is rumored that High Price Telemont Tanthul has a much more powerful version of this ring. Each ring comes as a set with five thrall rings.

Shadovar Nobility Ring

  • The wearer can detect thoughts at will against any servant wearing a thrall ring that is part of the set. The wearer also has a mindlink with all wearers of the matching thrall rings.
  • The ring's wearer always retains his regal stature, giving him a +3 regalilty* bonus to all of his saving throws.

Shadovar Thrall Ring

  • This ring is considered a cursed item and cannot be removed without a remove curse spell. It functions exactly like an amulet of inescapable location, with the following additional properties. When donned, and every tenday thereafter, the ring exerts a dominate person effect upon the wearer, granting control to the wearer of the master ring. This effect ends if the ring is removed. In addition, the wearer gets no save for the Nobility Ring's detect thoughts ability.
  • equivalent to a luck bonus

CL 20; Forge Ring, bestow curse, detect thoughts, dominate person, mindlink, mage armor; 176,000 gp.