Spitter is a crossbow belonging to Hextor VIII. It was crafted and enchanted by Sam Holloway.


Spitter is a hand crossbow that magically sizes to fit its weilder. When weilded by Hextor, it appears extremely small. Other than that, it looks like a perfectly normal crossbow, though it is reinforced with iron to make it more sturdy. It is also unusually light and easy to aim.


  • The most notable ability of Spitter is the one from which it takes its name. After a bolt is fired, the magic of the crossbow instantly conjures another bolt and loads the crossbow with it as an immediate action. This allows the crossbow to "spit" out bolts at an extremely fast rate. The weilder can shoot a number of bolts in one round equal to the number of its ranged attacks x 2. So a weilder with a base attack of +15/+6/+2 would be able to shoot six bolts in one round.
  • The bolts conjured by Spitter are Seeking Silver Bolts of Distance.
  • Once per three rounds, all arrows fired in one round can have one of the following properties: Phasing, Paralyzing, Silent Strike, or Explosive.
  • Once per ten rounds, the wearer can decide to make a ballista attack. The crossbow fires only one bolt in that round, which becomes a ballista bolt after leaving the crossbow.
  • The crossbow is a sizing crossbow.