A stinger is, essentially, a large, heavy repeating crossbow on a swivel mount and locked in place aboard a ship. It is capable of firing in any direction and is loaded via a bolt-case containing ten bolts. So long as bolts remain in the case, they may fire at the engineer’s maximum number of attacks per round and use their operator’s attack bonuses on to-hit rolls.

Those mounted on the Amastacia are done so vertically, so as to take up less deck room and include, on the mounting, a wood and metal shield that protects the operator from retaliatory fire in the same manner as a tower shield.

These weapons are prone to malfunctions and jam relatively easily. They are more effective against enemy crew than ship hulls.


Weight: 50lbs.

Cost: 800gp

Damage: 2d8

Critical: 19-20x2

Range Increment: 120 feet.

Weapon Space: 1

Crew: 1

Stinger Bolts:

(clip of ten)

Weight: 2lbs

Cost: 10gp