The Burrow is the hold of Loradiana and her followers. It can only be entered if a person has the correct Key. It is haunted by the ghost of Eric, Lora's pas lover.

Location + RoomsEdit

Valley of Lost Honor
Cave Layout

layout of cave. Click to enlarge.

In the mountains of Chult in In the thickest parts of the jungle lies the Valley of Lost Honor, once the last refuge of the Eshowe before they were destroyed. Legends say that all of their wealth is left behind in caves here, while more sinister legends claim the evil deity of Eshowdow (Shar in disguise) resides here, recruiting followers and planning revenge. There, deep in the mountain with no physical enterence is The Burrow.

The gateway is just a wooden arch against the cave wall, though it acts as the doorway. Inside their are many rooms with beds, a relaxing quarter with comfy chairs and books to read, a training room with undead zombies to practice fighting with, food storage for those who need to eat and also a room of shelves where the keeps her dead minions bones categorized in species and strength for when she leaves, and also bookshelves on spells, history and her possessions.

Melvaunt (Moosea)

The other location is in an abonded house in Moosea. From the outside it is in chambles and boarded up and appears to have no door, though the doorframe is still intact. This is just an illusion, and anyone can walk right through. Inside, the house is in dissery and rats are everywhere. Those withou a key will get attacked by the rats, who are, in fact Zombies. The only door that can be opened is that to the celer, which is pitch black with unatural light. At the bootom of the straires is just a wall. Only those with the key can pass through it and appear at the archway in the cave. Those who go through the caves archway appear again in the celler.

The Key Edit

The Key to The Burrow is a black skull that is smooth in texture. It is small, just the size of a fist though radiates the aura of death and it too is protected, only the intended person it was for can use it. Once that person dies, the key becomes useless.

== Guards==


In The Burrow are a number of Undead guards. The most common is skelletal warriors equipted with iron swords and shields. The walk about The Burrow. In the room of Shelves is a Wraith, a large undead creature that is the most powerful Lora can summon. As well as the summoned Undead creatures, there is also Eric, who is Loradiana's former lover who she killed in The Burrow back when it had been a temple of Shar. He is very protected over The Burrow, and will not hessitate to check anyone entering keeps their key on them at all times. Those without face his wrath.