Weaverend is a magical blade enchanted by Samantha Holloway to combat users of the Weave. Beyond the properties listed below, it functions as a +1 Silver Longsword.

  • Dispel Magic (area dispel) in a 5’ radius centered on the wielder, as a Standard Action. The spell’s Caster level is equivalent to the wielder’s character level.
  • A creature dealt damage by the weapon becomes unable to cast Spells or use Spell-like Abilities for 1d4 rounds (WillNeg DC19). Spells currently in effect are not affected. If a creature fails its save, then further hits do not increase the duration. The effect must end before a new attack can force a new save.
  • Against any creature that casts Weave-based spells or has Weave-based spell-like abilities, the weapon gains an extra +2 attack bonus & does an extra +2d6 damage.
  • Weaverend can absorb any spell targeted at the weilder of level 6+1d3 as an immediate action. It can hold up to 50 spell levels at once, releasing them later as if she spell had been reflected, but the weilder can choose a new target. If Weaverend is full, it will immediately reflect the spell.

CL 20th; Craft Arms and Armor, greater dispel magic, antimagic field, dispel magic, greater dispel magic 194,000 gp.