Anouke, Harper, and Loradiana

Witches Three
Home Unknown
Gender Female
Race Various
Age in 1372 DR Around 1,000
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Patron deity Shar

The Witches Three Edit

The Witches Three are three sisters that live in Faerun. Each of them are powerful wizard/clerics, and each of them have part of Shar’s divine power within them, making them Exarchs.
Their plans are currently unknown, but they are each on quests for power. Each of them have been predestined by Shar to attain power, even from birth. In fact, the three share common ancestry - Shar is their mother. Shar has made them her Chosen, a mockery of Mystra’s Seven Sisters. They are bonded together only by their allegiance to Shar. They are all centuries old, and have been working in the background for hundreds of years, snatching up power whenever they can.

Further Information Edit

Harper Charon: A demi-medusa that uses her connection to the earth to blend her divine and arcane powers.

Anouke: An arcane caster who has dabbled into the darker arts of magic by using Shar's Shadow weave.

Loradiana: The third sister, who has yet to make an appearance.